Sl.No Description Approved by the Board
1. License Fee for
Indoor Bare Space
{(gross area)  for exhibition days
including construction and  dismantling also the same rate will apply}
Rs.85.00 per sqm /day
(for Exhibition / Event Days) (9.00 a.m  to  9.00 a.m.)

Rs.75.00 per sqm/day
(for Construction / Dismantling Days)
(9.00 a.m  to 9.00 a.m.)
2. Outdoor Area (gross area)
a)For events and exhibitions

b)For Construction & Dismantling                                           
per sqm/day

Per sqm./day
3. Air-Conditioning (gross area) Rs.70.00
per sqm./day
For 12 hours or a part thereof.
4. Stand lighting Rs.20.00 per sqm/day
for 60% gross area or built-up area whichever is higher
5. i)Water connection charges. ii)Water consumption  charges. Rs.750/- per connection Rs.500/- per day
6. i) Organizer Room in
Hall No. 1
ii)Hall Master Area
Rs.2000 per day

Rs.2000 per day
7. Hall 3 Storage Room Rs.5000 per day
8. Rest Room Cleaning Charges Rs. 600 per man day
9. For Additional Power i) Rs. 200/- Per KW
per connection  and
ii) Rs.150/- per KW per dayfor consumption of power
10. Hiring of Diesel Generator

250 KVA
320 KVA
500 KVA
750 KVA
1000 KVA
Fixed Rental Rate
(Per day)
Running cost
(Per Hour)
Rs. 7,000
Rs. 9,000
Rs. 13,500
Rs. 18,000
Rs. 22,500
11 Ambulance facility with Para-medicine staff and first aid kit. Rs. 3,500/- per day (8 hrly basis)
The Board has also approved to introduce the following new rates:-

Sl.No Particulars Unit of measurement Proposed Rate
1 Main Gate Entry Arch Per event Rs. 5,000/- Per Arch
2 Main Gate Exit Arch Per event Rs. 4,000/- Per Arch
3 Other Gate Arch Per event Rs. 3,500/- Per Arch
4 Buntings in the Outdoor area Each Per event Rs. 200/- Per Bunting
5 Self-Standing Each Per event Rs. 50/- Per Standing